Connecting Opportunity - A Message from Mike Noland

Welcome to the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District’s (NICTD) West Lake Corridor Project (Project). The Project is being proposed as a southern branch extension of the South Shore Line (SSL) to connect high-growth areas in Lake County, Indiana to economic activity centers in Chicago and Cook County, Illinois. The new rail line presents an exciting opportunity for growth and economic expansion. We look forward to expanding NICTD’s service coverage and improving your ability to move across and access the region.

We will update and improve our website to provide project information to the community, passengers and others who currently use our transit system or who hope to use it in the future. An updated website is designed to provide facts about the project as it continues to develop. I encourage you to explore the West Lake Corridor Project website for up-to-date project information, and to learn about ongoing efforts and next steps.

Michael Noland
NICTD/South Shore Line
South Shore Line